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163. Weekly Forecast December 12, 2021

Cosmic Toolbox Podcast
Cosmic Toolbox Podcast
163. Weekly Forecast December 12, 2021

I’m really excited that my Internet finally went back up!

It is a 1212 power day and an 11 master day! That’s a really great start to this week which is full!

Mercury is semi sextile Mars, just as Mars moves into Sagittarius and mercury moves into Capricorn!

The geminids meteor shower is running December 7 through the 17th, peaking on the 13th and 14th. We’re going to be feeling all of that divine inspiration up until the weekend when we have the sun (in sagittarius) semisextile pluto and venus( in capricorn). This should activate a ton of our relationship issues and where we need more transformational magic.

On December 18 we have a micro full moon at 27° gemini! This is the cold moon and our last major lunation with a north node in gemini before winter solstice on 1221!

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