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PRIDE 2024

The first 2 weekends of June were busy!

Fishfly Season started…we volunteered doing landscaping at church…

My parents visited from FLORIDA- which only happens once a year.

Then, the most incredible thing happened- after not being able to understand sewing machines MY WHOLE LIFE- I learned spontaneously in under 5minutes flat.

I then measured, cut, ironed and sewed 12 table runners for the church party we were hosting.

Olive and Juniper made rainbow themed cookies for the party… the rainbow sugar cookies were WILD to watch come together- each layer had to be rolled out and frozen before doing the next one. Took so much patience and many hours- but the RESULTS!!!

Because of the buys weekend, we missed the big motor city PRIDE event we normally attend- but our local city had its own PRIDE and it was a GREAT time. Maybe even a little sweeter to see the area directly around you coming together.

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