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Ali Hazelwood Review Round Up

In May and part of June, I read through the rest of Ali Hazelwoods books in anticipation of her new release.

I feel like all of the Steminist books follow a pretty tight trope of “super spunky and quirky but BRILLIANT scientist female meets VERY LARGE and EXTREMELY handsome but grumpy male. None of the characters seem to know how to communicate emotions or needs very clearly… but the dialogue is always witty and funny and the spicy scenes are super fun.

Her book Bride split from the rest of this group with being in the Werewolf universe.. Ive been told by my 18year old that this is referred to as Omegaverse. This was super DIFFERENT than what I usually read, or like, in a romance. But somehow Ali Hazelwood brought it all home and it was great.

The newest- Not in Love- so many people hated! I was almost afraid to read it, because I like to read rom-com books in-between my “serious” reads and I wasn’t super interested in a heavy romance.

I found the hate and the negative reviews to be weird.

Maybe not my absolute favorite of her entire collection, if we are going by traditional romcom smutty standards- because some of her other MMCs are just so witty and then funny/charming by the end. HOWEVER- I find it to be the one that made me think, process and emotionally connect more than her others. By the end, I was totally in love with Eli and Rue. Totally.

I think it is awesome to see a TALL female main character that can COMMUNICATE….even if not as well as an adult should be able to. \

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