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Library Bag Sale Loot!

This was a light month, we were trying be chill while we read down our To Be Read piles. But then we found an almost complete set of Lemony Snicket… a vintage Disney book set and a whole bunch of books that are on our lists.

This is only 2 bags worth- $10. That is like 20 cents per book <3

We are members of the Friends of the Library- and whenever they run out of room or need books to be saved from destruction or the trash- we get a load. This was the largest haul we have gotten so far. Since getting these, I have sorted them all and organized them into topics. We make Little Library packs to gift around town and are currently looking for any children in need 9or plain WANT) OF FREE BOOKS. If you know anyone- all we would charge is the cost of ACTUAL shipping.

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