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A Case of the Mondays….

I had to go to the doctor for a less than fun kind of doctors appointment. At least usually, my doctor that I have had since my Hashimoto’s Diagnosis in 2018, constantly shocks me with how great of a doctor she is. The appointment was fast, painless and full of dignity.

There are no pictures of that… you are welcome.

Here is a picture that Juniper drew on the way there on her electric board- a man jumping out of a mud puddle.

We went to Costco- for a handful of things, and left with an entire cart. I always fall prey to good marketing…

and my niece recently BOUGHT A HOUSE IN MICHIGAN and subsequently got us addicted to these sodas- HOWEVER- these are not, in any way, what I would consider a soda. They aren’t even something I would call soda-like. They are like a watered down kombucha that was re-carbonated. However, I LIKE that apple cider vinegar taste. I prefer kombucha over this, but this is in a can, cheaper and in smaller servings. Refreshing and has inulin… which I do try to get in more. Funny fact- Jared became obsessed with Jerusalem artichokes or Sunchokes when we had the farm. All he talked about was inulin and its positive effects on the gut. When we moved here to the city house, we found out that the previous owner had planted some that had taken over a patch behind the garage. I still don’t eat them- I think they are gross. But Ill drink this!

Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

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