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Weekend Vibes

The weather made a turn for the better- and we finally got to be outside!

Juniper and Olive hung a bird box we painted…

Last year, I was laid up with a broken foot from Mid-March until Late April. It is really fun to be able to get out here and watch everything bloom and not be in pain or using crutches. I also meant to plant more tulip bulbs in fall- I covet my neighbors gorgeous front garden.

Jared brought me home a dying orchid a week ago- Im doing my best. It was in pretty bad shape. I also repotted a few plants. I need to split my Monstera, I think. But Ive never done it before and I am terrified.

Jared also brought me home a beautiful fern that I am cutting into 4 hanging ferns- 1 for the bathroom to help with moisture, and 3 for my garage and patio.

It is seasonally time to switch the immunity tea, coffee + hot cocoa bar to a spring vibe.

Cedric touched up our cabinets… I didn’t get an after picture yet- but it looks amazing. When we moved in, we thought we would renovate the kitchen in spring. Then I broke my foot and it just wasn’t in the cards. So we painted the top cabinets white and bottoms black. The whole look is growing on me, and Im still trying to decide if I want to just do new countertops and appliances, or rip everything out like I originally planned.

Then the kids requested a Ponyo night- we have been doing this for over TEN YEARS. We watch Ponyo and make our version of the soup they make- pretty spot on. We used to use rice noodles, but we recently switched to these udon and they are my FAVORITE.

Any time someone in the family needs comfort, we make “ponyo soup”, green tea with honey + milk and watch Ponyo.

Works every time- I was the one in need of some family time and comfort- it really hit the spot.

On Sunday, we had church and Cedric had bible study. Every Sunday in April and May we are feeding the hungry in Detroit. We have been doing this monthly since November- but are trialing every week for 2 months.

We gave away all but one lunch, and packed up to go home. Just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, we saw a woman running to get a lunch. Jared ran back in for the last bag- and she was explaining that she has been homeless for 3 years, but that she still volunteers to help other homeless people.

I lit a candle for a friend that passed away- one that I had not been in contact with as much over the last couple years.

On the way home we stopped for lawn bags at our local nursery- Jared tried to give me the “we are NOT going to go crazy today, ok?” speech. They all act like I can’t control myself at the plant store… I mean, most of the time I can’t. But this day- I only got lawn bags… and 4 plants and 5 seed packets. 🙂 and NOT this fountain, even though I tried and Juniper tried and everyone else was ready to just go.

Then the kids had a DND game, and I had to work a bit. Then Juniper and I hung in the playroom until my class. It was the kind of weened that just flowed, and I was super grateful in each moment. I needed a wholesome, family centered weekend with sun and warm weather more than I realized.

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