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Rainy Friday Vibes

I woke up with headache to more rain and grey weather today, and was crushed with an overwhelming melancholy I couldn’t shake. Shortly after getting out of bed- I received very somber news from a friend.

Times like these, when life unexpectedly tosses a curveball- I find comfort in rooting into the present. I cannot fix anything, but I can love on my kids and tend the family and home.

I am also reading another Elizabeth Strout book- Lucy by the Sea… and Lucy Barton is a character that I have WAY too much in common with. I cry and laugh and mourn the whole time- this is the fourth book in the series- and, sometimes, I regret ever getting involved with Elizabeth Strout. 🙂 I feel as if she has broken me open and I am irrevocably changed after each chapter.

We DO have fantastic news to share- a couple weeks ago I shared on instagram that Olive had an irregular mole removed and we were anxiously awaiting the results of the biopsy. IT WAS CLEAR! We are feeling SO RELIEVED!

Yesterday, we had tickets to a Tigers game- and it was canceled due to rain- what was a highly anticipated kick off to an exciting weekend became a bit of an unfortunate sign of what was to come, I suppose.

We always try to make good of every situation- we are talking rain walks, playing games together and reading good books. I also had weekend supplies delivered from Target…. including more coffee & cookies.

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