Essential Oils for Intuitive Healing

Essential Oils have been known to hold a multitude of health benefits…

The usefulness of Essential Oils in Intuitive Healing is no exception. The reason behind their effectiveness is that each essential oil has its own frequency that work to correct or aid specific emotions or body systems.

Because of this, using essential oils during and between Intuitive Healing sessions make the healing emotional wounds and blocks more effective and efficient. While it is recommended that you have the oils on hand, it is not necessary. However, a major benefit to using these unique tools, is that you can carry the vibration of your personal attunement with you throughout your day to reapply and affirm the work done as often as needed. This helps to set and carry intentions forward through MULTIPLE stimulation pathways, making it a multi-dimensional approach.

You will work together with Jen to engage all of your senses. The use of touch, smell, sound, and movement will be incorporated to move trauma and resistance out of your energy systems.

One of the exclusive benefits of Intuitive Healing sessions with Jen is her extensive knowledge of essential oil energetics.

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