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Humans are energetic beings. We are DYNAMIC. We are meant to move and clear our minds and bodies. Energy waxes and wanes, just like the phases of the moon. Our ancestors understood this fact and synchronized their own energy systems, intentions, and activities with moon cycles, the stars, and seasons. Additionally, they made use of God’s gifts found throughout the Earth: crystals, plants, and essential oils.  This deep understanding of natural rhythms and tools enabled them to live in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony with their environment.

Unfortunately, this wisdom has fallen out of practice

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is a BIG BUSINESS. In 2016, Americans paid 9.9 billion into the self help system.

But the SELF HELP system doesn’t want you to fully heal. They want you to keep consuming the content, knowing that it is almost impossible to integrate the information into daily living.

I feel called to help people heal out of that cycle. I am an energy coach that is actively trying to help you NOT NEED an energy coach.

Living out of harmony with natural cycles can be a lot like swimming upstream. It’s possible, but it is also exhausting, requires a LOT of effort, and usually ends with swimming to shore or needing to be pulled out of the water. Or, worse yet, staying stuck & rooted in fear creates stagnation- this is an embodiment of a pond.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you often work like a maniac without seeing any real progress?
  • Have you read and read and read but can’t seem to get into the PRACTICE?
  • Do your best laid plans seem to come unravelled for no reason?
  • Is feeling burned-out your status quo rather than occasional state?
  • Are you stuck in stagnation, just surviving day to day?
  • Are you lacking in a community that understands you? That celebrates you?

If you answered ‘YES’ to these questions, you will benefit GREATLY from the Cosmic Toolbox with me as your coach!

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Knowing how to move in concert with the monthly energy changes will empower you…

The Cosmic Toolbox will teach you:

  • How, what, and when to plan for the month –  and months – ahead
  • When to put your plans into motion…and when to wait
  • Get into the flow of life, rather than fighting against it
  • How to use crystals, plants, and essential oils in your spiritual practices
  • Astrology and it’s place in discovering the mystery of YOU
  • Lunar Cycles and the magic of aligning with them
  • The alchemy of awareness and intentional living

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