Meet Jen


Jen Inchiostro

Jen was born a healer, and has been dedicated to helping others find healing for the past 20 years. She became a registered nurse at age 21 after tending to her terminally ill Grandfather, then left the field of nursing at age 26 to be a full time mother. When her then 6-month old firstborn developed complications after routine medical treatment, Jen fell serendipitously into the world of natural health and healing. For the past 10 years, she has dedicated herself to empowering families to make educated decisions about their health and wellness utilizing solid nutrition, herbs, homeopathies, and essential oils.

Coming from a long line of mystic Christians, Jen had left the strict belief structure for a more spiritual path. In May of 2015, she took a Reiki training course that effectively changed her entire life. The ability to intuitively see peoples blocks and trauma became more developed. In January 2016, during her Reiki Master Attunement, she shockingly and suddenly developed her sensing of spirits and angels, instantly realigning with her Christian faith, beginning her study of A Course In Miracles, and subsequently, her divine path as an intuitive healer appeared before her.

What now?

Jen provides individual and group healing sessions on a limited schedule. If you feel a little tingling in your spine, or hear a small voice encouraging you to learn more, this is meant for YOU. It is time, and you were led here for a reason.

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